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The world's first platform to create

and play digital board games​

Thrymd universe
Thrymd is a new shared gaming experience and platform.

Social activity bound us together. Thrymd allows you to become

a player and creator of fun immersive games.


One ever-growing platform for immersive tabletop games


Unfold your game board and start the Thrymd app on your mobile device to activate the digital game board. Thrymd app allow cross-platform connection iOS and Android.


Play games over one table or connect with players from all around the world


Turn-based and fast-paced multiplayer with a dose of strategic thinking. Of course, you can play Thrymd games on your own, but we encourage you to do it with your family and friends.


Create your own games and share them with other Thrymd players


With a big variety of games, both turn-based and real-time multiplayer. It's a great way to spend more time together having fun. Suitable for everyone with a smartphone in their hands.


Analog game board

We value the importance of human interaction. Social activity bounds us together.

We wanted to keep the same line of thinking as in traditional tabletop gaming. Our vision is a game board that works as the mental marker to the analog world where you activate digital layer that opens up the immersive experience.

We develop innovative games by combining traditional board games

with leading digital technologies, such as augmented reality.


Digital layer

With an augmented digital layer on top of the physical game board, we create anew unique experiences shared by all participants around the table.

We are creating a new gaming platform used by our unique marker. Thrymd platform enables the users to download, play and create games for iOS and Android.

Thrymd components


Open the portal to the immersive world of games


Thrymd platform work on all AR compatibile devices, iOS and Android.


All Thrymd games are stored in one app.

Thrymd games

Our startup pack comes with three exciting games when you purchase our game board. It's just the beginning of your playful journey, Thrymd is an ever-growing gaming platform.

Thrymd SDK
We're forming a global community of developers, enabling handy tools

to build immersive gaming experiences. Become one of the first Thrymd

developers and seamlessly publish your games on our platform.


Straightforward set of tools to design and share your game ideas.


By using our tools you have a unique opportunity to publish games for Thrymd fans and players.


Providing exciting content to Thrymd users you earn real cash by doing what you love.

Thrymd is an immersive gaming experience platform for players and game creators.

Be the first to create, publish with easy to follow through tutorials.

Sign up now for Thrymd SDK early access to build your dream games. Express your creative ideas and share them seamlessly with your peers.

About Thrymd
Our mission is to create Thrymd global community of players

and game developers by sharing immersive gaming experience.

Team behind Thrymd
Thrymd was born out of passion for games and technology innovation

at Lazer Wolf Studios. Formed in 2016, and officially established in 2019

in north of Sweden.

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